Friday, June 19, 2009

Kaedah Pengajaran Teknologi Komputer

  • Istilah yang sinonim Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Bantuan Komputer (PPBK) adalah:
    1. CAI : Computer Assisted Instruction (US)
    2. CBE : Computer Based Education
    3. CAL : Computer Assisted Learning (UK)
    4. IAC : Instructional Appplications of Computer
    5. CBI : Computer Based Instruction (US)
    6. CBL : Computer Based Learning (UK)
  • Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)- satu medium pengajaran yang mengandungi kandungan atau aktiviti yang disediakan oleh komputer.
  • Pelajar berinteraksi terus menggunakan komputer & mendpt maklumbalas serta-merta.
  • CAI - kaedah pengajaran menggunakan komputer semasa P&P
    It provides opportunities for practice when mastery of a new skill or information is desired.
    It should be used after initial instruction.
    It is used to introduce new information that must be taught in a sequential manner.
    It is useful for teaching factual information, simple discrimination, rules, and simple application of rules.
    It is most often used when practicing a skill in its real context is too costly or dangerous.
    It provides an opportunity for experimentation, and allows students to test assumptions in a realistic context.
    Simulations are also used to model real-world situations that are not physically dangerous or costly, in order to build realism and relevance into the training situation.
  • GAME
    Games supplement are used to provide motivating and engaging opportunities for practice after a skill or new information is taught.
    Games capitalize on the competitive interests of learners and add entertainment value to instruction.
    It helps students develop skills in logic, solving problems, and following directions, and is generally used to augment higher order thinking skills.

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